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Week 1 predictions


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You do know your supposed to pick the teams that are going to win right?



I see this is going to be a blockbuster weekend.

Man! This is going to be great! :D

We're going to bust some blocks.

And some busters.:D

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Packers = Really a toss up game. Should be the most entertaining.

Falcons = the bears O-line is STILL terrible, and they traded away their most consistent threat.

Panther= Not that the panthers are going to be good but the cards are BAD.... Kolb to Fitzgerald will be tough to stop but the cards wont stop many teams...especially good running teams like the panthers.

Lions= Another toss up, But I think the lions may be able to spread the bucs out more and the bucs are paper thin at corner.

I have spoken :angry:

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lol do you guys really see the bears beating us?

their pass D only gave up 2 yards less per game than ours did, their run D is solid, but the falcons have shown they are ready and willing to throw the ball if the run game isn't working. their Dline is decent and they have julius peppers, but peppers didn't do much against our line the last 4 times we've played him. their receivers suck except for knox, who may not even start for them. their line sucks and we have two of the best pass rushers at their positions (abe and babs), plus we have edwards who has a lot of experience against them. not to mention we have a top 10 run D and have shut forte down every time we play them.

the only advantages they have are that they're playing at home and their crappy field will probably slow us down some.

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