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Updated Depth Chart

Wild Bill

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No one is deep on the OL, and we have guys who will be on the PS. I'm sure we'll release Bruggeman and pick up Murphy or Jackson when McClure is back. As for linebacker depth, we must be doing alright if we cut Wire, who was actually starting a couple of years ago.

Just checked the cuts and I guess it will be Jackson who gets signed when McClure returns. I guess Matt Murphy is back with the Blue Brothers Band.

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I looked at the depth charts of all four teams in our division and I like our team best but the saints are close. The bucs are ok, but the panthers are abysmal with 3 CB's, 3 DT's, and 8 or 9 LB's.

If not for injuries to McClure and Peters, we would have had a very balanced roster probably keeping Jackson and Wilson instead.

As of right now I would love for us to sign Rennie Curran and Alex maGee and cut Spencer adkins and Carlton Powell. After that I just want to get Andrew Jackson back on the roster and cut Bruggeman as soon as McClure is healthy. If we kept everyone healthy that would be a kick butt roster.

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