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Who do you think the last ten cuts are?

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1-Carlton Powell

2-Emmanual Stephens(PS)

3-Robert James

4-Rafael Bush(PS)

5-Kevin Cone(PS)

6-Drew Davis(PS)

7-Jose Valdez

8-Rob Bruggeman

9-Ryan Winterswyk

10-John Parker Wilson(until McClure returns)

One poster kept saying that James, Valdez, Bruggeman MIGHT be eligible for a 3rd year on the PS, (I'm not so sure) but if he is right I could see Valdez and James back on the PS

Also do not think they will keep 6 CBs on the 53 man roster so I think Walls will be on the PS

Also do not think JPW will be cut at all

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Jpw wont get cut. Schillenger should get cut before bush. Also think either jackson or johnson will get cut before valdez

the major difference between the two is Bush can get signed to the PS and Schillinger cant because he played in too many games last season. So if the staff has them at a tie that will kick in.

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my 10:

1. DE Lawrence Sidbury

2. DE Emanuel Stephens (PS)

3. C Rob Bruggeman

4. LB Robert James

5. WR Kevin Cone (PS)

6. WR Drew Davis

7. TE Ryan Winterswyk (PS)

8. CB Darrin Walls (PS)

9. OT Jose Valdez (PS)

10. S Rafael Bush (PS)

I just dont see us keeping more than 10 DB's on the active roster. We've also always kept 9-10 D-linemen and with Peters still injured I think Powell stays until he is at 100% so we have a 4 man rotation up front.

I also see us cutting JPW and picking up another promising young guy if one is out there.

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