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Predict the NFC South - Week 1 - Deadline Thursday Noon

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A PM back in forth with another player reminded me of the chief complaint I receive via PMs so I have added this to the FAQ:

Why do you have a Friday deadline when the first game of the week is not until Sunday? Don't you realize there is a lot of information that could help us make more accurate picks if you wait closer to kickoff to close the contest? Also, some of us forget and we could use more time.

1) The playing field is level. Any new information that comes out after the deadline can't be used by anyone.

2) I do most of my posting from my desk at work so it makes it easiest for me to remember to close it during the workday. If I made the deadline on Sunday and forgot to close the thread before kickoff the integrity of the contest for that week would be ruined. Sorry, this contest is about winning more than it is about getting all of your picks exactly right because a starting QB got hurt late in the day on Friday.

3) It is up to you to remember to play. I know for a fact that we have had players in the past make picks from their phones at airports. There are plenty of ways to get electronic weekly reminders and there is always the low-tech stickie note.

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I like Matt Stafford him being from UGA and all but I don't think TB is dropping their opener at home. They both are to close in talent and are upcoming teams. Itll be close because of the Stafford to CJ connect but I think Tampa Fans are going to be in the house. Im gonna say Go Lions but the Buccs will come out on top.

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