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How has Spoon looked this preseason?


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He has looked fast, instinctful, and been in the backfield a bunch.

Looking injury free which is most important. Couple of missed tackles at the point of attack but nothing too major.

Expect a big year from Spoon

we need it after the Peria semi-bust

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Spoon has shown all the tools you could ask for, but he still gets fooled because he's trying so hard to diagnose the plays quickly. Both of PITT's completions on their opening drive were because Spoon bit on the play action, which is an issue because he was supposed to be covering the TE on both plays. His speed allowed him to make the tackle but he still has a lot of work to do. Just as an example, a slower Peterson probably prevents those completions or at least is in position to contest them. Once Spoon stops having to think he will be a beast, but IMO he isn't there yet. My expectation is a combo of great plays and brain farts from him this year.

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