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I could see us going 0-4 in preseason. People will probably panic and we will have like 20+ "falcons suck" type topics.

0-4 and 4-0 preseason results indicate that a team has problems that need to be addressed.

At 0-3 we know where our areas of concern are and TD has addressed them.

At this point we could go 0-4 preseason, but with the problem areas addressed

it could still bite us in the first 4 games as the new players adjust to our system.Your solid teams typically go 2-2,

Sometimes the exceptional teams go 3-1 because they are loaded with promising young players.

Jut my opinion

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This Falcons preseason is even more worthless than normal because we aren't actually trying to win. Smitty is using this time to work on key areas that we need to have sharp week 1 at the expense of the scoreboard. Even in the 3rd and supposedly "more like real" game we were crazy pass happy and allowing returns to practice ST coverage.

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Over the last five years the SB champs were on average .500, it means nothing.

GB 2-2





Not to mention the Lions, in 2008, went 4-0 in the pre-season and then finished the season 0-16.

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Its very difficult for me to worry about what I'm seeing. I'm a little concerned with the play of Redmon and Wilson. But other than that I was overall quite pleased with the Falcons during the first half of there pre season games. And that is what matters most.

The depth at secondary concerned me...but with the addition of Hayden and Sanders all I have left to say is....

Bring on Da Bears!

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