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Anybody want to go tonight?

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Mighty nice of ya, man! I would take you up on it, but I certainly couldn't get a sitter that fast, and I probably shouldn't keep my boy out that late tonight... I'm sure somebody will take you up on that, though...

I tried on ticket exchange but had no luck. I was able to sell the MIA tickets for the first preseason game. I"m in Greenville, SC so it's hard to make it down for preseason. Don't plan on missing any regular games unless we have homefield advantage already clinched...So I'll probably not go to the last home game :)

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we give our pre-season tickets away every year to the YMCA and my bday was yesterday i figured me my son and pops could go thanks a billion good thing i live near the airport 20mins away

we are in sec 127 row 37 seat 107

Nice..2nd year as a STH for me. My sister owns half of the 3 tickets so we always have to collaborate and find a mutual friend to take to the game.

I'll let you buy me a pregame beverage one week as payment.

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