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Seattle -- Oct 2, 2011


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Hi all. I'm moving to Seattle on Sep 19. Looking for any Falcons fans that may have 1 ticket for sale so I'm not going to the game alone.

Also, any Falcons fans planning a tailgate? Would love to attend and will bring food, drinks, or whatever.

My tickets are in the mail :) I will be making a 4 day trip to Seattle with a buddy to see the game.

Will be my first time in the States.

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I will be making the trip up from Portland, OR on Oct 2nd with my 11 year old son. My buddy is a Seahawks Ticket Holder and provided me access for a nice price last year and again for this game.

Available to meetup or tailgate or just grab a beer in the Activities Center with other Falcon Fans. If anyone has any questions, let me know as I was there last year and it was a great game.

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Just relocated from ATL to Victoria, BC. I'll be there w/my 11 year old son - section 122, row FF. Would love to grab a beer or do some tailgating w/fellow fans. I'd appreciate any pointers on where to go before the game as it will be our first time at the stadium. Go Falcons!


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