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The Best Thing About Hayden and Sanders Signings

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The playoff experience, the playoff success, and SB experience that both of these guys bring to the table. For a Falcons team still searching for that playoff success since TD and company took over the kind of intangibles these guys bring to our secondary can't go unnoticed and honestly you can't put a price on it.

I also would like to add something Belichick said about Sanders in 2009:

James is an excellent leader. He plays with a good level of confidence. He's a very good physical player. He's a tough kid. Football's important to him. He's a very committed player, spends a lot of time in the classroom, studying, learning, watching tape, making sure he knows his assignments. I think he's a leader for any young player, forget young player, for any player to emulate and follow. I think he's very professional and you would like to have 53 players like James on your team in terms of his work ethic, his toughness [and] being a teammate.

I love both of the signings and can't wait to see the veteran experience these guys bring to our secondary.

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Here's another angle to look at it....

Any one remember back in the draft when a few were complaining about how we gave up a few depth picks for 1 guy? These two guys in Sanders and Hayden are proven vets, that are still young enough that if we like what we see they could become long term Falcons. Likely better for this year than anyone we would have gotten in the draft. Assuming we can stay healthy this team is going places. :D God Bless TD.

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the best thing about the signings is that maybe it will shut some of the people complaining about our flaws. HOPEFULLY

Wrong. Your being all butthurt about people complaining doesn't have the least impact on the team. duhhhhhhh. The best thing about the signings is that it will help the team win. But keep sniveling.

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