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Just go suprised with tickets to the eagles game

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When the schedule was released I knew this was the game I wanted to see the most. Living in Buffalo im only luckily enough to see one game a year and I knew this had to be the one. When the tickets were released though, my dad told me that we wouldnt be able to go cause this game's tickets were wayyy to expensive. I was super bummed out but understood how expensive these tickets were, so I eventually just started to get over it... But today (a day before my 18th bday) my dad called me and said "guess what I got ya a bday present yer prolly gonna like... were goin to atlanta!" I started goin crazy and everyone near me was like "wtfs his problem" but I didnt care! :lol: I am so dam pumped haha! Were also flying this time which beats the usual 15hr drive and I am missing some class' that monday but who gives a crap! I am just so frican excited I CANT WAIT!!! :D

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