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FYI Falcons on two a days today.

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Both Mikes predicted 12 and 4 for the falcons. They called Turner a workhorse and mentioned how we need to be concerned about the touches we've been giving him. Basically saying we need to lower his workload. They also brought up the anemic pass rush of last season saying that Edwards should improve it.

Overall i was actually surprised that they didn't predict more of a drop off. They where certainly high on Ryan and the falcons repeating their success.

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I listened to part of it. They did their 5 Questions, and then picked the records. I think both Mike's predicted 12-4 finishes. Both considered us a top 3 NFC team who made good moves in the off season to get better.

I'm not sure I can remember their 5 Questions but I'll try to recall them.

1. Does Matt have to win a playoff game to be a Top Tier QB.

- Both guys agreed he's already a really good QB, but that he needs to win in January to take it to the next level

2. Do we need to limit Turner's carries to make him effective in the playoffs.

- Both guys were more worried about too many carries shortening his career than for adverse effects in playoff games

3. Something about Ray Edwards ?

- Both guys liked him. Mentioned us being an undersized DL as a team who relies on quickness, and being able to pursue sideline to sideline. Ray fits right into that. Paired with Abe should be a natural fit.

4. Is Roddy the best WR in the NFL

- Both guys think he's right behind Fitz and Johnson.

5. Duh ... can't recall.

Both guys seemed to happy with the team in general and expect a playoff berth barring unforeseen circumstances.

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Herm didn't say too much when I saw it. Only thing that I remember saying is that we are a good football team, and he expects us to win the division. We have been overlooked somewhat this offseason, but I think a lot of people are going to have us going to the superbowl. We are a likely team, since people will lay off of GB (defending champs) and Eagles (big favorites seem to struggle). Of course I don't care what others say, so long as we take care of business on the field.

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