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Falcons Giving LB Curtis Lofton More Leeway in Games In 2011


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Falcons Giving LB Curtis Lofton More Leeway In Games In 2011

August 28th, 2011 Matt Loede Posted in News

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post reports the Falcons are giving Curtis Lofton more responsibility on the field. After hearing about Lofton running the defense during lockout practices and seeing how he thinks like a coach, Falcons coaches decided to give the fourth year middle linebacker more leeway in games this year.

Last year, he had the ability to check out of a play if he saw something he didnt like. But this year Lofton tells Pompei he will be able to call for fronts and blitzes up to 30 percent of the time.


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The Mike-backer is pretty much the player that Mularkey's entire scheme revolves around.... The fact that they are giving him the ability to not only audible out of plays when he doesn't like what he sees, but to call blitzes and change up the fronts says a lot about Lofton's intelligence...

This is good news. B)

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curtis seems like a smart dude

this is something that could really help our D

I tend to like play-calling being done by players rather than coaches. I'd much rather have Matt Ryan calling the offensive plays, especially in the no-huddle, rather than Mularkey. I also think that I would prefer having Lofton call the defensive plays, rather than Van Gorder. I think the players have a much better feel for the specific game and what needs to be done rather than the coordinators, especially in the Falcons case. I'm not overly impressed with either Mularkey or Van Gorder's play-calling abilities.

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