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falcons gameplan


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If u had to define the Atlanta Falcons team over the last few yrs. What style of play have we had success with and what direction has TD and mike smith continued to say we were moving in?

I have to say loud as possible IT IS PRESEASON we had no OTA's and a short training camp .....so we are using the preseason to work on Matty ices new addition ....... We were in the redzone several times and selected to pass 3 times ...... U might ask y hummm probably because we have a running back that carries the ball over 300 times in the regular season we know what turner can do and know we see we can put up numbers in the air with Ryan in command .....

I suspect our play calling to be run and gun period turner is still our work horse and we want to limit his carries now for better production when it counts ...... With teams preparing for what they see us doing in preseason is only

gone help turner play pass and hit them in the mouth wit this run game I'm excited

Look at these last three games as OTA's and training camp ......

But as far as our defense I like everything from our front 7 and a few db's but I still hate the zone now yall c how well dunta plays his side we miss him ......

It's only practice folks .... Preseason equals practice this year if we had a full offseason then maybe ill worry but these games say nothing at all

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