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Seems like we play the Ravens every preseason.


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Usually it's always them, the Redskins, Jags, Titans, anyone nearby outside of the NFC South.

I was wondering. I guess that makes sense.. Not flying to Seattle, Oakland or San Diego. I just hate that memory. I was actually on summer vacation in Spain. Had no access to news and called home and one o my buddies told me "Vick broke his leg" . I thought he was messin with me. Didnt believe it. Days of misery before got proof. I didnt have a laptop or any way to find out for days. THEN i found out. I was so bummed . DOUG JOHNSON i thought to myself. That wont be so bad, he can get us to 6-3 before Vick comes back. BWAAAA HAAAA HAAAA. i was WRONG about that one.

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I remember I had went to the movies that night too, and as I was standing in line I overheard somebody talking about somebody on the falcons getting injured. I didn't hear the whole convo, but when I got home I saw on ESPNnews that it was Vick. I was like wth?!

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