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KC Joyner 'The Football Scientist' Loves the Falcons Defense

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Its old.

I listened to it a little and yeah, it was more theoretical "Atlanta is going to have a good defense!" which sounded like it was before TC started.

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Can you summarize what he says. I dont like downloading stuff

Love Brent Grimes, says he was a top corner last season. Says D. Robinson was allowing nearly 9 yards per attempt before coming to Atlanta, which is terrible. League average is 7.5 yards per attempt. Says the Falcons got Robinson because of physical abilities and actually coached Robinson into one of his best cover years of his career last season.

Joyner says Falcons run defense was the 3rd best in the league last year. Falcons were disruptive on 52.2% of all running plays. Joyner says the DTackle position was outstanding for Atlanta last year. Penetration + taking up multiple blockers make the DTackles stand out to Joyner.

Joyner says Falcons need to add 6-8 sacks to the defense to be an elite pass rushing team. He thinks adding Ray Edwards would be very good [interview was before we signed Edwards].

Joyner says Julio Jones is fantastic in the short passing game. The Falcons had really bad short passing numbers in 2010. KC says Jones will fix this for the Falcons instantly. AJ Green was not good in the short passing game, Joyner thinks JJ was a much better fit for the Falcons. Also, Jones is a much better run blocker as well.

Finally, Joyner says [iF] Falcons..

  1. Sign Ray Edwards
  2. Sign Brent Grimes
  3. Keep Offensive Line together

The Falcons should be a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl and have home field in the playoffs.

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