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Honestly, I think Breesus is over the hill. He was an interception machine last year, and has looked pretty average this preseason. So, time for a bet; Uptown, if Matt has a better year than Drew this year, you have to have this Grimes-Interception.jpg as your avatar until the beginning of the '12 season. If Drew has a better year, I'll use Dtan's famous "Sad Matt Ryan" ava for the same amount of time.

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I think he's going to be a really good RB for you guys.

He is. He runs with good balance and power.

By the way, I know you guys like using the Grimes gifs and pics...well let me tell you...he's hands down the one player we would love on our team. Dude is a straight baller. If only Robinsion had as much awareness as Grimes, he would be worth the contract you gave him.

You guys are looking good so far. Can't wait to play you guys.

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You do know they had the #11 Defense in the NFL last year right?

I love it when you guys talk without doing any research.

Stanford Routt is not Nnamdi.

You must also love that the Saints didn't do their research on Seattle and Cleveland.

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Are you freaking serious man? Please do some research, at least watch the team play before commenting on them. Your embarrassing yourself.

I'm not the saints fan on an opposing teams message board wanting to be backed up ... A huge part of their defense was Nnamdi. It's also the preseason and once again you're on "Talk about the Falcons" not "Who dat ******* on the wrong message board"

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