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Like yall aren't rooting for Utah State next weekend?

I almost always root for the SEC under this BCS system, if for no other reason than SEC dominance will eventually lead to a playoff. I've pulled for Tennessee against all of their West Coast opponents and I pulled for Auburn against teams like West Virginia and Wisconsin and Clemson. I've enjoyed watching LSU destroy Miami and Ohio State, and South Carolina beat Clemson. I even managed to pull for Florida against Ohio State, although I was kind of torn when they made it to the championship again two years later. Those are our biggest rivals and I enjoyed watching them defend the reputation of the toughest league in college ball.

But... after watching last season it'll be tough for me to ever pull for any team coached by Gene Chizik again. I have no use for a coach who places success over the safety of oppposing quarterbacks. Any coach that will stoop that low will cheat every way possible. Even if he never gets punished by the NCAA, he proved his true character repeatedly in 2011. The man has no morals and that attitude has no place in college football, IMO.

So I'll have to pull for Utah State. Common decency supersedes SEC pride.

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