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Why the Tebow hate?


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There has been a lot of talk lately about Tebow not even making the Broncos roster this season. It seems that the decision has already been made to make Brady Quinn the #2 QB. Why? I keep hearing the critics saying how bad Tebow is playing, but every preseason game has has played fairly well (minus the one game where he was only allowed to throw 2 passes).

Everything I have ever seen of Quinn is that he is fairly mediocre and that his potential is pretty much tapped out being relegated to a #3 QB for a few years after his abysmal attempt at starting in Cleveland. Am I missing something?

Preseason stats are blow:


13 of 20 for 65% completion percentage

194 yards, 9.7 ypa

0 TD, 0 INT

96.667 QB rating

Also adds 7 rushes for 47 yards


18 of 30 for 60% completion percentage

250 yards, 8.3 ypa

2 TD, 1 INT

95.138 QB rating

0 Yards rushing

So Tebow has a better QB rating, higher completion percentage, a better YPA, and adds the dimension of mobility. Am I missing something here or do all of the commentators just really dislike Tim Tebow for some unknown reason all of a sudden?

I understand if you don't feel he will be a successful NFL QB, that's is a perfectly debatable topic. However, what isnt a debatable topic is Brady Quinn's potential, at least with Tim you have a lot of untapped potential. Brady has already had his turn at a starting job in the NFL and failed MISERABLY. Even if their potential was the same, it seems to me that Tebow is winning the preseason contest anyways....

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This is my honest opinion. Tebow gets some much hate for a few reason, and all work together. Number one: He's a good player. He has one of the best work ethics in any sport. Not just that, it plays out on the field. He has good results. Number two: He has great character. The people who hate Tebow are probably just natural haters, and fans of under achieving players. Number Three: He's white. Like it or not. First of all, I'm black. People are ok with a dynamic black player. Mainly because this is a league of racial thing. Most running backs are black, most quarterbacks are white. Tebow is a hybrid, and all of those players have been black. You have people that may wish for Cam Newton or Michael Vick to do well, but Tebow. A player similar to them, they would rather see him fail.

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Yea i don't get it either Tebow has looked good this preseason and last year but i think Denver wants a veteran QB like Orton even though they tryed to trade him lol but i think Tebow will get his chance at some point this season

I agree. That is exactly how I see it as far as the starter position goes. You can't blame a team with a new head coach wanting to go with the veteran incumbent starter.

However, I still think the Broncos will go something like 2-6 over the first half of the season and looking to whoever young guy they kept at that point anyways. I say you might as well through the rook in the fire from the start and see if magic happens like Flacco, Bradford and Ryan, but that's just me. We know what Orton is going to bring to the table, and it probably isn't the playoffs.

I just don't see why you wouldn't keep Tebow over Brady Quinn..... that just seems like a no brainer to me. Thank God im a Falcons fan and not a Broncos fan :)

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Tebow has been a winner at all levels and there is no reason to think he would not be a winner in the NFL. He has no "choke" in him and when he gets the chance he will do well.

I agree and disagree. I think the expectations were for him to be the next Steve Young coming out and that aint gonna happen.

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