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Steelers in game thread


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Watching this game online and the PIT announcers are terrible. Know nothing about the Falcons. At least ours aren't so homerish. They assumed that had Polamalu gotten that INT, it was 6 points even though he fell on the ground. Then Timmons INT was just an automatic touchdown and that HD shouldn't have been able to catch him, regardless of how fast he is

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It is interesting that on at least 3 plays in that last drive the Falcons had a WR wide open. Julio on the catch he made. The Roddy when he went to the 5 and finally Harry Douglas who was overthrown. It appears that if a team is going to blitz atlanta they are going to have to leave someone open. Now we just need to work on finding that open person and getting the ball to them. We did it 2 of 3 times, but the one we missed would have been a TD.

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Grimes has been in position, he is just not making the plays... Franks got burnt but Grimes should had made the play on the ball. Ryan has been off today and there has really been no run game. Rodgers is too small to stay in and block.

In other words, the Steelers are giving the NFL a blueprint on how to beat the Falcons. Albeit, if we were in the Dome it would all be different.

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