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QB's errant throw lands in costly spot


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Willis McGahee’s Porsche pays for Kyle Orton’s inaccuracy.

What does it say about your team when even your best, most accurate quarterback can't keep his passes from breaking windshields in the parking lot?

Here's the sad, sad story of Willis McGahee's Porsche, as told on Twitter by Lindsay Jones, Broncos beat writer for the Denver Post.

Inc pass into the end zone just cracked windshield on Porshe in players parking lot. Whoops.

Orton. Came in fast + hard. Off the bounce. RT @Jeff_Thornton: @PostBroncos Wasn't a Tebow pass, was it?

For what its worth, only about 10 yards from back of end zone to the players' parking lot. No fence. Not some crazy errant pass here.

Mystery solved: The Porsche belongs to Willis McGahee(notes).

As of yet, no one has tweeted a picture of the busted windshield, but let's cross our fingers that that's coming soon.

It's good to hear that it wasn't a crazy errant pass, either. Orton's an accurate thrower. If he's launching balls into players' windshields, Tim Tebow(notes) has probably totaled seven or eight cars during training camp.

Orton should go ahead and use it as a motivational tool, too. A lineman misses a block, he's going to need to pick up a Ding King on the way home. Someone drops a pass, the next one results in a call to The Auto Glass Guys.

:lol: :lol:

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