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Vick turned white


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A stupid white kid growing up in the ghetto would have still been introduced to dog fighting and probably would have made similiar mistakes. It is not that he is black, it is that he is stupid.

And the fact he had to admit in a court of law he drowned, hung, electrocuted, and body-slammed dogs makes him a sociopath.

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races in this country are in a sense culturally divided, and thats going to mean that many generalizations are going to be true

there are positive and negative generalizations about each major race in this country...most of which have a degree of truth to them

if you start saying nonsense about how you find them "hilarious and narrow-minded" your just going to look stupid, because they usually have truth to them.

Some people try and make it seem as though the association with black and ghetto is just an invention of racist white people..but many black people identify with the "ghetto" label as a badge of honor, and think that all black people should be "hood" in a sense.

You just have to remember that generalizations don't apply to everyone of a race/upbringing or make assumptions based on it...however, overall there is truth to most generalizations.

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