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Chris Chandler v. Steve Bartkowski . . . The Difference Between Great and Beloved

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When you consider the success they each had throughout their careers, it's pretty tough to point to any particular statistic that indicates that one is much better than the other.

Certainly, Chandler should be revered for bringing Atlanta to it's only Super Bowl, it's best season, and having one of the greatest seasons any quarterback has ever had (nearly 10 yards per pass attempt is still a league record.)

And they both ended their careers with the Rams . . .

Of course, Chandler was somewhat of a journeyman who spent about a third of his career here (his longest stint with any team.) Whereas Bartkowski remains the face of the franchise, certainly the early years at least.

Steve Barkowski is beloved.

Chandler, despite his greater success, is reviled. Of course, he brought that on himself by showing his Axx when the Bears beat us in the Dome 14-13 on a late Jay Feeley missed field goal in 2002. Chandler's contributed to that Bear victory by valiantly holding a clipboard for the entire game, yet felt compelled to rub our noses in the loss, prancing around the Georgia Dome like he had just lead the Bears to a Superbowl win.

I'm not sure how being beloved makes Bartkowski's life any better or being reviled makes Chandler's life any worse. But it seems like Chandler could have had something with this town, and he blew it.

The point? I have no idea. The "worst Falcon moment" thread got me thinking about that 2002 Bears game and it's 2:30am. . . .That's all.

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Chandler sucked. Let me count the ways

1. He was a 18 year journeyman that had to play on 7 teams

2. Only had success in two of his seasons here by riding Jam's coattails to a Bowl

3. Got his job taken by McNair, Vick and freakin Kordell Stewart

4. Balked at taking a back up role behind Vick then went to CHI to back up Kordell?

5. He lost the Super Bowl with his three picks not Eugene

6. Faked injuries in several games then miraculously healed in time to start the next week

7. Clowned us after the Bear's win in 2002

8. Only had one 3,000 season in 18 tries

9. Had a career passer rating of 79.1

10. Earned the nickname Crystal Chandelier

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I never knew Chris was reviled. I also don't remember him acting in any particular way when we played the Bears. Certainly not to the extent #56 did with Dallas, or like Jeff George's victory lap when he was in Oakland.

In my book he's one of my favorite Atlanta QBs ever.

Bart was the QB when I started watching the Falcons, so he has a special place in my list of faves.

However, for 4 magical games in the 80s Dave Archer eclipsed them all.

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I don't have any problems with Chris Chandler. He pretty much singlehandedly carried the Falcons to the win in the NFC Championship game.

As far as that 2002 game against Chicago, I feel your pain. I drove 1000 miles round trip to attend that game. It was a long drive home.

I blame Jay Feely.

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Chandler had one of the prettiest play action passes I've ever seen. I liked Chandler and never liked the way his tenure ended with us. Embarrassing to say the least.

I always attributed that to tutelage under his back up, Steve DeBerg, who is a fascinating NFL character. He followed Dan Reeves from Denver to New York to Atlanta, the latter two as a back up. He was amazingly effective into his 40's. Most importantly, he was an accomplished magician, which I've always assumed had a lot to do with his effectiveness with the play fake. So I wonder how much he shared with Chandler during their time here. Of course, Jamal Anderson 32 had something to do with that as well.

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