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It is amazing how Mike Smith has not had a losing record as a head coach; and, I do not foresee a losing or even record for him over the next several seasons. I just don't. He is 0-2 in the post-season; however, I do see that changing drastically over the next several seasons. Many Falcons fans here may not agree with me, and this may be against the popular belief here, but I attribute the bulk of our post-season failure to coaching staff experience.

Smith has only been a head coach in this league for three full seasons and he is entering his fourth. He was not a coordinator for very long either before he came here compared to many others around the league. Most of his experience came as assistant. Ou DC came from the college realm and had little, if any, NFL experience. Mularky has been around the block a few times, though. Also, we have several assistants and position coaches who are fairly raw in comparison to some of their other successful counterparts around the league.

All in all, I think we are doing a hel* of a job. As the coaching staff and much of the youth of our players gain experience, we will definitely continue to emerge as a reckoning force around the league.

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Thank you.

As mentioned earlier, GB was 4-3 against winning teams last year and brought home a Lombardi. We were 5-3. Don't get much better than that.

The key is you have to not only win half of the games we play against winning teams in the regular season, you have to get hot and win 100% of the games we play against winning teams after Christmas to get what we want.

Green Bay also has the secondary to stop the attempts at a comeback when they play those winning teams and gets up early, We dont......

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thats our problem...and thats why team is not a true contender yet

That is the stat of a true contender.

Any better is the mark of a Champion.

The Mark of a Champion is and always will be like this.

Win the games that you are supposed to win.

Win 1/2 or more if possible of the games that you evenly matched.

Win 1/3 of the games that you are supposed to lose.

The only thing wrong with our team is that we have not developed the taste for Blood in the playoff's.

I dont care what you do in the regular season, because when you reach the Playoffs

its GAME ON and you best be Bringing IT.

This means that EVERYBODY Catches Fire at one point or another in the Playoffs.

But lest put the F'n Horse before the Cart.

The First thing is that You Team has to know that no matter how Carpy the Season goes

each and every player knows that they are going to be in the playoffs.

And that my Fine Feathered Fiends IS THE MARK OF A CHAMPION!

Any person on this Forum that has won multiple Championships in any contest of physical skill and mental

discipline will tell you that you have just been quoted the ABSOLUTE TRUTH.

So this only leaves you with one question.

What is the Difference between a Winner and a Loser.

When a winner gets knocked down, no matter how hard, they Rise UP and go at it again.

Do you really see the 2011 Atlanta Falcons staying down after the loss to Green Bay?

There is only one correct answer to that,........HEII NO!

Any Other Champions on this Forum???

C.mon Beaches Squeak Up. ;) your time to Pontificate is now :D

Beers to ya.

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