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Everyone Who Doubts The Falcons Can Win This Season...

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I want everyone who thinks the Falcons will not win/make it to the playoffs/win a playoff game to sign in here. And when they do I want you all to disappear from this board forever. It's about time the real Falcon fans start cleaning house around here. This is the best stretch of football we have ever seen from this franchise yet all I read on this board is pissing and moaning. It truly amazes me. This board used to be fun to come to in the mid 2000's now its just pathetic...

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MAN STOP!!!!!! Everybody thinks they are such a true Falcons fan. A true falcons fan can voice their opinions regardless if you (a real deal fans) doesn't like it.

here here!

there is no reason that one shouldn't be a little skeptical of the falcons post season chances ... I think we will see as the season progresses

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