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For those that think the Preseason matters


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2009, Detroit Lions

Week 1 - ATL 26 @ DET 27 Final - Win

Week 2 - DET 10 @ CLE 27 Final = Loss

Week 3 - IND 17 @ DET 18 Final - Win

Week 4 - DET 17 @ BUF 6 Final - Win

WOW 3-1 in Preseason must = Good TEAM!!

Lets see how that awesome preseason helped them in the regular season!


1. DET 27 @ NO 45 LOSS

2. MIN 27 @ DET 13 Final LOSS

3. WAS 14 @ DET 19 Final WIN!

4. DET 24 @ CHI 48 Final LOSS

5. PIT 28 @ DET 20 Final LOSS

6. DET 0 @ GB 26 Final LOSS

7. Bye

8. STL 17 @ DET 10 Final LOSS

9. DET 20 @ SEA 32 Final LOSS

10. DET 10 @ MIN 27 Final LOSS

11. CLE 37 @ DET 38 Final WIN!

12. GB 34 @ DET 12 Final LOSS

13. DET 13 @ CIN 23 Final LOSS

14. DET 3 @ BAL 48 Final LOSS

15. ARI 31 @ DET 24 Final LOSS

16. DET 6 @ SF 20 Final LOSS

17. CHI 37 @ DET 23 Final LOSS

WOW, I guess somebody forgot to tell them since went 3-1 in preseason they were supposed to be good

For the year 2-14, I didn't do the obvious 0-16 year that would be to easy, but even if you look at any team they all have preseasons where have a decent record then they go to do horrible in the regular season, even the falcons, I know a lot of people here remember those years. So stop putting so much merit INTO preseason, be a real fan and support the team!

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Instead of making a new thread about this, just bump up last years. Or the year before. Or the year before.

Every year it's the same thing. By the second preseason game of last year, this board had us with a maximum of 6 wins for the year.

The mere fact that we won 13 games last year is a fluke. Just a fluke. But, you can look at those 3 we lost and the playoff of course, and see that the preseason warned us!

Lecture me now on how you can spot the problem areas in preseason and that it showed up last year in our 3 losses and the playoff loss. If only the coaching staff would listen to the experts on this board. We would have been waving that Lombardi around already.

SMH - at least its amusing.

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