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TD please get us a Corner or two


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We need to address the issue, we need another good corner, and whatever plan we can come up with to get one, we should do it. The management needs to get creative like they always do. TD knows we need more help in the secondary, hopefully something will get done by way of a trade or something. I just don't trust our secondary depth the way it is now. Something has to be done real quick. We cant go into the season with franks and owens as backup's. I don't trust them point blank, period.

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Our boys don't "got this". Our boys are mediocre.

look, the preseason is here to learn and get better. Playing corner in the NFL is a win some lose some job. Just because our corners arent out there picking off every ball that leaves the opposing QBs hands does not meean the sky is falling. Tight coverage and good tackling is what you should be looking for at this point of the preseason. This is a vey very young secondary outside of D.Rob. Patience is a virtue.

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our starting defense has given up 3 points in 2 games with 3 int's and you are worried about the defense? Better start paying attention to that stagnant offense my brother

Preseason isn't about scorig points buddy, its about conditioning and play execution

and our backup corners look horrible to say the least

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