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ii realy hope im just being paranoid

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Everybody knows Baker so why even ask about that? It's a given he sucked, besides him, not to mention McClure wasn't playing either.

Yeah I think McClure being out had more to do with it.

The Jags were doing some things with movement up front that we had a hard time picking up.

Surprisingly there were a few plays where Baker did a decent job... I saw Reynolds mess up a few times but again these were plays where the Jags were doing some different things with movement.

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ok lookin at the game it seemed the same thing from last season im thinkin that were looking at no playoff this season like i said i hope im being just paranoid hope we get the kinks out and gel better

You're reading too much into the game. We played without two major pieces of our team (McClure and Edwards) and are still working the kinks out offensively and defensively. We have to clean up all the missed tackles on defense and our Offensive line needs to pass block more effectively.

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