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Bock gives us more info about Mr. Icky-Balooky.

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He was definitely off limits but he would be the #4 WR so he would have to play special teams

No he wouldn't. Madden depth charts aren't what NFL depth charts look like. Certain backups aren't locked into the special teams.

But I'm kind of feeling like TO would be a better pickup than I, and others, may think. We might be trying to just outscore every team (the Green Bay/Indy route) while our young defense continues to improve. Take a little pressure off a young, but skilled defense. We could spread teams out, teams like the Eagles.

I still think we really really need another corner, but I wouldn't mind TO.

If we could somehow pull off TO and Kelvin Hayden, this team would be in VERY good shape.

A LT would be nice, but I think they'll give Baker one more year.

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Guest Absconditus

Beau Bock is a 90 year old attention whore.

Please stop posting his opinions on this site. He means absolutely NOTHING to this franchise, and the same can probably be said for his family. I can't imagine anyone on this planet liking him.

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