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What would you trade Owens for?

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i would trade him for this

nothing he cant be traded for anything. And this is serious dude sucks really really sucks he is not good at any posistion has no feeting, has no speed he must be getting paid by the mob or something cause he sucks.

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I watched this a few weeks ago for the first time since I was 10, it's so bad and so awesome at the same time. I had forgotten that the White Ranger gets a Falcon Zord in the movie. So awesome haha.

Sad part about it was the fact that I had the gloves, the mask, and the sword lol

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Guest mashburn

I had the gloves, it made sound effects. Didn't have the mask :( But I wanted it. ****, I'd still take a White Ranger helmet.

Grrrr I never got to dress up or have awesome sound affects. This is what I had. a white sheet, and a random stick, and made noises like the guy off of police acdamey (Michael winslow). but I do belive I owned all the toys, in fact I still have them and they are in orignal package. does anyone want to buy them?

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