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Great idea to share Falcons news twitter accounts. I only use mine to follow mostly media so I can get all the breaking news on one page and follow the link. I don't really use it to chat with the players or to find out what Oprah had for breakfast. PM me if you want it but like I said the only tweet I did was asking Jay Adams if there was any truth to Beau Bock's non sense.

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If anyone is they better have an industrial strength pooper scooper....'cause all he spouts is sheet.

He got banned from the Carolina board recently. I was over there a while back and he was referring to Newton as "Cam "Custom Computer Design" Newton." It was pretty funny; he had the whole board going nuts over this one thread he made about all their FA signings.


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like most, I picked up on and talked about the negative plays against Pittsburgh - but as an overall picture, I came away strangely optimistic

generally speaking, I felt like in a lot of areas where things went bad, we were real close to having them go good

what if:

Jones makes the catch for a td?

the official does not call a ticky tack offensive PI on Gonzalez?

DeCoud makes a tackle?

Grimes knocks down a ball or two (or catches them)?

If those four things happen we all feel pretty good about the game - during the regular season, what are the odds all four go against us in a game? I simply don't think that good

not saying there is nothing to work on, but I am saying that game was pretty close to being really good - that won't matter in the regular season, but in teh pre-season I am ok with that

dashriprock2 is 1 of the most LOYAL Falcon fans EVER.....!!!!

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