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Pretty much nothing but sports.

Falcan Moore, on 14 May 2015 - 10:38 AM, said:

First number is their rookie year, second number is 2014.

1) Justin Houston 5.5/22.0

2) JJ Watt 5.5/20.5

3) Elvis Dumervil 8.5/17.0

4) Mario Williams 4.5/14.5

5) Connor Barwin 4.5/14.5

6) Von Miller 11.5/14.0

7) Ryan Kerrigan 7.5/13.5

8) Jason Pierre Paul 4.5/12.5

9) Terrell Suggs 12.0/12.0

10) Everson Griffen 0.0/12.0

Again, I do believe Beasley can beat the odds and have a rather productive rookie season. But I won't be abandoning ship if he doesn't. Matter of fact, as long as I see him getting pressure and he has at least 4 sacks (Mack/Barr were good examples of that last year) I'd say he might still be worth the #8 pick, and remain optimistic. Expecting closer to 8 sacks, despite his double digit sack prediction, but neither would surprise me. Prepped for the downers and impatient Gurley-ites regardless.

Now I can just say "Pinned Thread Again!"

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@donnielaur and I run a daily fantasy sports website... so most of my tweets are sports related in general.

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@Crusade4Christ Follow me while I travel to LI & post live from the s'bowl, I live in Baton Rouge... looking for a few good falcons to tailgate with. Welcome to stop by on ya drive to the game. Let's make history together!:argh:

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