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Turner put us in position to win the Iggles game, and had a few more 100 yard games. Other than that, he was a non-factor in 10/16 games when I look at the stats. Only in one game that we lost this year, did Turner hit 100 yards, and those stats were blown up from one long run that didn't matter because the game was over at that point(CHI). In the 10 games we won, Turner only had 100+ yards in 5, and that's counting the Bucs game. You say you don't like Ryan's skillset, but Turner is possibly the most one dimensional player on the offense. He is big and strong and that's all. All he does is run up the gut, and he will get caught easily when trying to reach the edge. Not to mention he can't catch at all. While Ryan was consistent and caught defense off guard to get us to ten wins, Turner did the same thing all year, hoping someone would miss a tackle. When your own team mates are making jokes about baiting you with snacks to get TDs, then you know it's bad. Do you want someone like Cam, with all the muscles, and athletic ability since I'm sure you like his 'skillset'. Ryan was the most consistent player on offense along with Gonzo, throughout the whole season, playing behind a creaky line so what was Turner's excuse for underachieving? And I see you hinting about Ryan's playoff success, or lack thereof. Just know that Turner was hardly an impact in the playoffs either. :/

Don't be a hypocrite. Face it. Turner's time is near done in ATL, unless he pulls a Josh Smith and suddenly looses all his weight. Ryan will be here when Turner is long gone, buddy.

Yep. Turner's 3 playoff games. 18 carries, 42 yards, 1 td, 10 rushes, 39 yards 1 td, 15 rushes, 41 yards. Yeah that's really getting it done!

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