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Corey Peters


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Is anyone else impressed with his pre season game ? I thought he was making alot of plays and looked to me like he wants to start oppisit Babs . For a 300 pound DT this guy chased down a screen play and was putting solid pressure on when he was on , I know we drafted Peria Jerry and i havent given up on him it just looked to me corey peters really is coming together quiet well .

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I mean it depends on what you see as the starter... If you mean playing the first snap... I think Peters will be that guy... Hearing the coaching staff speak.. They see him as our run stopping DT... They love his run D... Peria will play some run but he is one of our pass rusher DT with Babs... So he will see most of the pass rusher snaps.

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Peria is my least favorite pick of our current regime.

Peters, however, was a steal I thought. People were all scratching their heads when we got him but he is a true pass-rushing DT. The guy is huge and agile, with a great motor. He just needed some coaching, and we have a defensive minded head coach.

Peria will always be the one pick I'll just never understand. He was old for a draftee and also had knee problems. Give me someone younger who has healthy legs and more potential. *Cough* Corey Peters.

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