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Overall thoughts on the game

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Good stuff: Julio, but lets be level-headed and see what happens week 1 and beyond. Good to see Meier and Douglas get some WR looks and capitalize on them. Franks looked great as a depth PR guy. The 1st string OL looked fine other than Baker, who clearly wants Matt Ryan dead. Cliffy looked good in the sack he got, and Sidbury showed some flashes of promise.

Neutral: JPW got crap for protection, so can't really form much of an opinion. Likewise with Weems and Meier at WR, hopefully they'll get some more looks so we get a better idea of what we have. G Johnson looked aggressive at times, hesitant at others. Didnt get much of a look at Quizz too.

Bad: OK so when wd are all watching a game and Scorpion from Mortal Kombat appears and you hear 'FINISH HIM!!!', we all know who to blame right? And by Scorpion, I nean any mediocre pass rusher. 72 million dollar QB getting his head windmill kicked off his head by a practice squad DE...bummer. Oh and can we stop being idealists thinking Owens has an IQ greater than a jar of pickles? You would think tge dope would be extra careful after being bent over by Rodgers with no lube, but no. Instead, he continues to be a walking brain fart. To go back to the JPW thing, I would have liked to see him get some more time back there. The OL was pretty bad in pass protection while he was under center.

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