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Quick Thoughts On The Game...


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-Julio looked great. Douglas was also pretty darn good. Brandyn Harvey looks solid; I wouldn't be surprised if he made the squad. Overall, I have faith in our WR corps.

-Quiz looked nice.

-John Parker Wilson was average; he'll never be a solid second-string QB.

-I really liked Cliff Matthews. He should make the squad.

-I feel we still need a vet nickel back. It would be a shame to hold our defence back from greatness by neglecting a single position. Honestly, I'd like to see Brian Williams back.

-Antone Smith was much better than Gartell Johnson.

Here's how I see the 53-man roster shaping up;

QB - Ryan, Redmen, Wilson

RB - Turner, Snelling, Rodgers, Smith

FB - Mughelli

WR - White, Meier, Harvey

WR - Jones, Douglas, Weems

TE - Gonzalez, Peele, Palmer

RT - Clabo, Valdez

RG - Reynolds, Jackson

C - McClure, Hawley

LG - Blalock, Johnson

LT - Baker


RE - Abraham, Sidbury, Matthews

DT - Babinuex, Walker

DT - Peters, Jerry

LE - Edwards, Bierman, Davis

SLB - Weatherspoon, Wire

MLB - Lofton, Dent

WLB - Nicholas, Peterson

CB - Grimes, Vet CB, Owens

CB - Robinson, Franks

SS - Moore, Bush

FS - Decoud, Shillinger


K - Bryant

P - Bosher

KR/PR - Weems

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