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For those looking to watch the game


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*Edited 8/19 for Jaguars game*

Check this forum right before kickoff and the PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL will be linked under our game.

*Edit for the computer inept*

This is where you will find the PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL, the "Confirmed PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL" will be a link either before or right at kickoff!

Enjoy the game guys, go Falcons as always

You're welcome. This is what I use every Sunday. I assure you it's legit. I've been using it whenever I cant find a game I wanna see for the past 3 years.


lol its illegal but its a game and this is how I watch it when all else fails

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You should feel ashamed. Enjoy ****.

you know some of us genuinely have no reasonable way of watching these games, but maybe you were being sarcastic, i hope. Back to the original poster that site is indeed gold and thank you for your public service.

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I'll never be ashamed to provide my fellow Falcon fans with their beloved Falcons

Dang right, it's just a game people, and it's not like the comercials are cut out, so what's the big deal. It's not like a movie that has replay value, once the game is shown that's that, fox or CBS won't re-air it. Bless those who put up these links in the first place, cause it's hard be a falcon fan over here in NM. in fact I think I'm the only fan in the entire state.

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The only heinous hobby you are in engaging in is abstaining from what is natural for you to do as a human being because you are still frightened of centuries old wives' tales.



I pray for you. I pray that one day the error in your ways comes to fruition in your mind. One day you may even present preservation from the pits of Pluto...

Also, Go Dirty Birds.

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