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Falcons are back baby! - RISE UP!

Dear Enemy

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Unless I am Samuel L Jackson that would be a negative.

But if this is his band he did a great job! +1

Yeah this was my band..we recorded this version strictly for the Falcons fans to help get them pumped and get more support and excitement about the Falcons..feel free to spread it around! Let's rally the troops and get them fired up...we gotta get the fans behind our home team! The time for being quiet is over!

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Set the tone today, whether preseason matters or not. Go out and lay people out!! The Pats put thier cleats on the Jags throats and never took it off, they drove it in harder when they had the chance. It was clear they were still pissed about losing to the Jets in Jan, even though Brady didn't play.

We need to have that same intensity if we are going to beat the likes of Green Bay, Philly and New Orleans and get that #1 seed again and take care of unfinished buisness.

The last time the Falcons played on thier turf, they got humiliated. Today's the day to start taking DOME FIELD ADVANTAGE back! Send the message, you don't want to come in this house, whether it's preseason, regular season or the playoffs. That's how they will be taken seriously as a true NFC threat.

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I've been reading this forum for the past few weeks and decided to join today. I would just like to say hello and that I'm excited to be a part of falconslife and chat about the falcons with you guys.

I think this will be an exciting year for the falcons and hopefully will result in some playoff wins.

Go Falcons!

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First Quarter said it all in my opinion...our reserves need some work but as far as our heavy hitters, Ryan will fall into his own, Turner is...well Turner...he's a badass, Julio is gonna be a beast, Jacquizz will fall into place fine I think, Roddy White is gonna bring it, Can't wait to see what Ray Edwards does and it look like they are trying to find a solid spot for Eric Weems but either way...I'm very happy with how things are shaping up this season.

The biggest player the Flacons need to bring it to the table this season....the Fans. We need to not pull the same old Atlanta mentality all of us are used to with our sports teams...they start coming out when they do good and then bail as soon as things get a little shaky...support your team...ALWAYS. When your family goes through tough times you don't walk away until things get better...I think we should do the same for our Falcons family...from day one until day none....Bring the Noise!

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