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I hope the "Falcons Way" Is like the Pats


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I know it was the first game of pre-season and neither team played many starters but wow. That is New England's back up squad? Let me tell you those guys may not have been the run of the litters in talent but Bill Belly had those players out there like it was late January and the game was on the line.

The Jags, they folded up like tissue origami. This speaks directly to both teams, their attitudes, their coaching staffs and their players. The Jags never get talked about, because they always never make it. The Pats will be getting talked about from now until the end of the season because frankly they play like a machine of sorts in that no matter who is playing, it's always going to work.

I know there are a lot of Brady haters but the Pats? I respect them more than any other team in the league besides the Falcons.

Our team has the same work ethic and Passion as the Patriots and tomorrow I really really hope we go out there first squad second squad or third squad and lay some pads on those Dolphins. The Patriots came out week one PRESEASON saying "What's up? Lets go!" and I want the Falcons to carry that same type of demeanor onto the field now through February. We have a squad that is talented enough to go all the way. I am not concerned about Mike Smith or the teams passion for the game. We have one of the best coaching staffs and front offices in the league IMO. All I wanted to say is I saw the Pats bring it tonight on the first game of preseason two weeks after an eight month lock out like it was something to really play for besides just "ordering the depth chart."

Its been far too long since the Red and Black hit the grass under the bright lights. Come tomorrow night I hope whatever squad is out there representing our colors, our city, our team; I hope they bring it hard. I hope they lay the bricks.

Go Falcons!

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Yea remember they lost to the jets in the playoffs.... And I'm sorry but there horrible.

I think your are Letting your personal feelings get in way of obvious fact, Jets might have been a disliked team with an obnoxious coach, but saying they are horrible is going a bit far. They accomplished more than falcons did last year so would you say the Falcons are worst than a horrible team? Of course not, we are both in top 5, (top 6 if you ask ESPN)

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