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We are not being told the truth people!

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"We are not being told the truth"

"We have to ask questions -- hold people accountable"

WHY is it our business??? Are you a part owner???

This is a business and WE are the CUSTOMER.

If you are not happy with the product or service you do not have to go back.

It not the power company or water company.

It's an entertainment to which you purchase a ticket.

If you do not like the movies Disney produced you do not have to buy a ticket, go to a different theater.

Same with the Falcons, you whole the ultimate power the $$$$$

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I told you a long time ago what a disgrace you are.

You don't want none son...

Why don't you just go have your dinner and leave this to me.

No YOU don't any parts of me Junior. I can't wait until we make your savior Vick leave here with field turf in his mouth (That is if our D-line is that merciful) after our defense has a sack party at his expense. Then you can leave Atlanta with The Iggles making excuses about the whupping you just received.

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Here's what FBO said about the Falcons in last years list:

7. Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons don't have the league's top crop of young talent, but they may have the league's best young asset in quarterback Matt Ryan. Ryan was the lead pick in general manager Thomas Dimitroff's franchise-altering 2008 draft, which brought in virtually all the talent that pushes the Falcons into the seventh spot: Ryan, left tackle Sam Baker, linebacker Curtis Lofton, corner Chevis Jackson, wideout Harry Douglas, safety Thomas DeCoud and sleeper defensive end Kroy Biermann. Ryan and Lofton together should be the faces of the franchise on either side of the ball for the next decade.

Reason they dropped so far this year is that so many players are 26 and don't count for an "under 25 list" any more-

Ryan is 26, Weems is 26, Baker is 26, Edwards is 26, Jerry is 26, Lewis is 26, Grimes is 28, Decoud is 26, Moore is 26.

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