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I was listening to Colin on the way to work on Friday morning and heard him give the teaser for that segment. "I'm gunna give you three words to describe each NFL franchise". At the time it really pissed me off because I was about 3 minutes away from work, was running a little late, and knew I wouldn't get to hear the three words he used to describe the Falcons. So, thanx for posting this.

"Getting Very Close". I like it. I have to say that I put more stock in Colin's opinions than most in sports talk radio because I think he has a better sports mind than a lot of his colleges. Plus, he's not a homer local guy just telling us what we want to hear. (Not that our local guys necessarily do that.) Hopefully he's right about us being "close". Hopefully about six months worth of close.

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saints: Marshawn Lynch, TOUCHDOWN!!!

I was watching that game at work with a coworker of mine who was a Saints fan. When that play happened I didn't even say anything. I just looked at him and smirked. Oh, if he knew how I was basking in the glow of his perfect agony! Muwhhawhawhaw! :lol:

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Tandy, not so sure about #3, and#5--- doubt they(Seahawks) could do it again.

I love the Falcons, but I have followed them too long to give them any more " passes" --- They have to prove that they deserve our confidence --- not our love as fans but our belief that they will give their best effort in every game. That is very different from WINNING every game -- just show us a consistent team "best effort".

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