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How are we stacked....?

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If Peria Jerry pans out to everyone's expectations we will have one of the best front four in the league. Of course Julio Jones and what not but I don't see us as being stacked like the Eagles or the Packers. I can say the Falcons are a very well balanced team. Edit: Oops... didn't see underlining headline. Disregard ^^^^^ all of the above.

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This is really a good question to ask. We all know Michael Turner is going to be fine, and it sound like Jaquizz Rodgers is going to be a good addition. Not sure if Snelling will be back or not, that's all up to him at this point I would think, I hope he does, but if he doesn't I think the Falcons will be fine either way, I get the impression that they plan on throwing the ball a bit more than running it like the last couple of years. We shall see.

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if we had an OC that used everyone to their strengths, then Ovie would have about 3 or 4 touches a game. Johnson can also be pretty solid. he picked up the offense pretty quick last season

Johnson had 10 carries for 34 yards or 3.4 ypc ------ sounds good BUT

1 play was for 23 yards

so 9 carries were for a total of 13 yards or 1.4 ypc

He did catch a few passes

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Sorry, but I really dont trust Turner carrying the load again full-time. I wish we had Snelling signed just in case. I am excited to see what Jaquizz is all about, he looks like a surprise darkhorse to me.

Have you seen Ovi this year? He's totally slimmed down. I wonder if the staff didn't ask him to be ready to be used more like Snelling. More passes and possibly even taking snaps at RB?

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Ovie has the FB covered; we can pretty easily cover that if he gets hurt. We will have Cox from GT on the PS if needed and there are expereienced guys we can pick up if needed.

RB is:


Rodgers as 3rd Down back and (I believe) a lot more very soon. [i predict him to be our future version of MJD sort of]

I would LIKE to still have Snelling becuz he can play either position which makes him a great assest on our roster... he literally can save us a roster position if we want to go that way. I don't think he is an overall equal talent to Turner, Rodgers, or Ovie tho' at those respective positions and in those roles.

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