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So guys, here's what I'm thinking:


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root for the Phillies in their 15 remaining games against all the other Wild Card contenders

instead of

hoping these teams will win a lot of games against Philly.

I say this because overtaking Philadelphia's 8-game lead will be very hard, while losing the current Wild Card lead is a dangerously easier task and fate.

In terms of the Braves making the playoffs, every time Philly loses to one of the WC contenders, it will hurt the Braves. BUT, when Philly defeats a WC contender, this helps the Braves.

If I counted correctly, Philadelphia has 4 games against the Giants, 3 against Arizona, 4 against Milwaukee, and 4 against St. Louis.

I suppose with this post I'm conceding the NL East race to the Phils (unless Atlanta wins 8 in a row starting Friday and Philly loses 7 of their next 8).

But as things stand, Philly is hot and torrid and playing the best, most consistent baseball of anybody in any league. And frankly I don't care if they end up winning 108 games. They would still have to play that stupid 5-game divisional series just like hopefully Atlanta and the other playoff teams.

And, like I said before, I really like Atlanta's chances against the Phils in a 7-game series.

Your thoughts guys?


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to the guy who said he'd never cheer for Philly.

Well, normally, I wouldn't either.

But when a Pittsburgh can come to Atlanta for a series, and we end up losing 2 games to the Division leader; go to Washington and also lose 2 games to the Division leader ... then I got to think of other situations where the Braves' playoff chances can be enhanced.


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