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Atlanta Radio Host Loses It Over His Own Homerism


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I listened live and Beau was right. He was not being a homer, he was giving his real opinion. The caller was out of line because he called Beau a homer. The caller made it personal by insulting Beau for his opinion.

Beau was basically saying that we have a good team going into the season. The caller was knocking our moves regarding Julio being a rookie, Douglas not playing well, and Jerry not playing well.

These are all fair points, but they ignore some very significant facts. Jenkins was not a gamechanger last season. Douglas could not be worse than last season. And Jerry was a non-factor last season. And we went 13-3. So even if these guys contribute at the same level as last year, we still improved by adding Edwards at LDE.

Calling somebody a homer because they believe in this team is out of line IMHO. We return 20 out of our 22 starters from last season, and that group went 13-3. The only starters we lost are Dahl and Jenkins, and Jenkins has been replaced by the #6 pick in the draft. One starter was moved to backup because we upgraded with Edwards. If you think losing Dahl makes our team go from 13-3 to noncompetitive and without hope, you are clueless.

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