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the falcons did not end sterling sharps career

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The fact of the matter is - his neck was injured in the game against Atlanta - while he was blocking. His head snapped back like a rag doll.

They cleared him to play against Tampa - but it got worse during the game - and they realized he had broken vertebrae in his neck.

But yes - the injury occurred against Atlanta, not Tampa.

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I found this:

But Sharpe's improvisation could not save his game after he suffered a debilitating injury to the top two vertebrae in his neck. The injury occurred when his neck snapped back while blocking a player in a game. Although he received a clean bill of health immediately following the incident, the injury worsened when he was tackled in the next game he played, resulting in numbness and tingling in his limbs. The team physician, Patrick McKenzie declared that Sharpe would require surgery to fuse the dangerously loose vertebrae. It was the final blow to Sharpe's career, and it forced his retirement from the game.

Read more: Sterling Sharpe Biography - Chronology, Career Statistics, Awards And Accomplishments, Further Information - Game, Team, Football, School, Nfl, and Packers http://sports.jrank.org/pages/4387/Sharpe-Sterling.html#ixzz1TvHSxto9

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Thought it was the hit by brad edwards

It was. They just showed him getting hit against Tampa Bay. I attended South Carolina with both Brad Edwards and Sterling Sharpe. They were college teammates. It was ironic that Edwards hit on Sterling ended his career. Just as ironic that Shannon is going into the HOF before Sterling. Had his career not been cut short, he would have been a sure fire 1st ballot HOF'er.

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