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Another one signs with the Iggles


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This needs to be said: TATF.


I mean really. Every move the Eagles make scares the living crap out of some of you. Big names don't make a team. That is all they have added. Babin was a one hit wonder and may not work there. Cullen is injury prone just like Ronnie. Samuel is upset, ruining their potential 3 Pro Bowl CB attack. No LBs and no Safeties.

I am glad they aren't signing any meaningful players. Just headline players.

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Ronnie Brown sucks anyway. Not to mention he is a walking band aid.

It goes without saying that if he is healthy, he is a threat. Obviously thats a big IF, surely the reason it was a 1 year deal. Regardless, they got better with the signing. I dont think you can dispute that. Oh, and by the way, we play them week 2....

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