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Tony Gonzalez tweet about Julio Jones

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TonyGonzalez88 Tony Gonzalez This kid Julio Jones is the real deal. He's the best incoming receiver I've ever played with. Come to think of it, it's not even close.

Now if I can just get him off the burgers and fries and onto a vegan diet.

https://twitter.com/.../TonyGonzalez88 laugh.gifbiggrin.gif


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Not to mention, I was one of the many UGA-homers that was upset that we couldn't get AJ Green, but honestly, I am soooo pumped we got Jones instead.

The hype around him is unreal - and yet he isn't phased at all, just keeps humiliating CBs in practice.

I honestly cant remember hype like this surrounding a non-QB draft pick in recent memory?

-- It could be because he's a Falcon though.

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This Julio Jones hype is making me nervous... I want to be able to play catch in the backyard but it sounds like the guy will catch any ball anywhere. Everytime I throw the ball he'll just jump in and run away with it. I don't have the money to buy so many balls.

I like the part where he drops alot of passes from the draft analisyst

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Hahahaa! :lol: speaking of Aj, you really don't hear much of him now.

Actually AJ is tearing it up in Bengals camp. They say none of their DB's have been able to cover him. He did one of his superman jumps over Joseph or Hall for a big play. Looks like they're both off to a great start.

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I haven't read anything in the national media about Julio Jones. Maybe it just seem like AJ is being neglected because all the news most of us read is Falcons related.

I've seen ESPN, and the NFL Network talk about how impressive he's looked. ****, Colin Cowherd has talked about him the last 3 days. You must not watch/listen to the national media.

AJ Green has to be ready to shoot Mike Brown for not taking the deal the Falcons offered the Bengals for #4.

I bet you're right. The more I think about it though, I think TD wanted JJ out of the two. The more I hear Smitty and TD talk, the more it seems that JJ was who we wanted.

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