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Rate Your Emotional Attachment to Falcons

Guest Gritz

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Atlanta Falcons 10

New York Islanders 10


Atlanta Braves 8.5

UGA Football 7.5

Atlanta Silverbacks 7

Nottingham Forest FC 6.5

Atlanta Hawks 5

UK Basketball 4.5

I probably will not have my New York Islanders after 2015, and with the Thrashers gone as well, as much as I love hockey, I'll have to pick a minor league team because I really can't imagine rooting for another NHL team or whatever team the Islanders become when they leave Uniondale.

As for the Hawks and the Kentucky Wildcats, I've never been a big basketball fan, but a guy I grew up with (Jeff Sheppard) won a couple of championships at UK and I watched most of the games while he was there... Started to watch the Hawks a little in the playoffs last season.....

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Tennessee Vols fotball 10+++++++++++++

Tennessee Vols Basketball 8

Atlanta Falcons 7

Tennessee Vols Baseball 6

I was born and raiesd in Knoxville and Tennessee Vols football is in my blood, don't matter if they go 0-12 and Falcons win it all the Vols will always be #1 for me, I still like my Falcons though. Go to 1 game a year and this year i'm going to a Preseason game as well.

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Falcons - 10

Braves - 8

Hawks - 7 (just so frustrating watching those guys play, or try to play, smart basketball)

Univ of Tennessee football/basketball/baseball - 5 (all of these used to be much higher until Mike Hamilton came along and dirty sanchez'd the athletics programs in Knoxville. These days, I just kind of take them in stride, as opposed to not being able to see straight after a Falcons' loss)

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Manchester United - 10

Atlanta Falcons - 9

Rest of the teams I support in other sports are no higher than five though. These two are way ahead of the rest.

Man U? GOD, I HATE YOUR F'ING CLUB! B) Seriously though... As a Forest supporter, it's really tough to see you guys at the top of the table every friggin year...

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Falcons: 10

White Sox: 9 (7 this year, bleh)

Black Hawks: 8

Bulls: 5

Reds: 5

10 for me equals I will go out of my way to make sure I catch every game (learned I had to do this the hard way after sacrificing the playoff game against Arizona to a wedding I only went to cause of a female, never again!)

5 is hardly ever watch on TV or follow other then the bits and pieces of news I get from the respective sports sites.

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