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Rate Your Emotional Attachment to Falcons

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Falcons 10....when they lose it literally affects my whole mood/day/week. I'm very superstitious during the week to make sure I don't do anything to anger the football gods. I'll get gas according to falcons player numbers (often $33.02). I have to see at least one Falcons license plate tag or bumper sticker during the week, and my boxers can be in no way colored red black and white on gameday.

Braves 8....Grew up with them. can remember my first game at fulton county stadium. Love them but they lack the killer instinct fire which upsets me considering the amount of talent they have year in and year out.

Hawks ?....This one is a toss up big time. I LOVE the hawks, but they continue to find ways to be so stupid. It's nerve racking watching them because it seems like they just don't wanna win at times. I remember the old mookie blaylock, Steve smith, dekiembe hawks that I fell in love with and I get so upset how the current hawks and management give garbage efforts daily.

Georgia Tech/Miami Football 5....Joe Hamilton latched me on to tech, and so many others latched me on to Miami buy Sean Taylor took the cake. R.I.P.

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10...my whole week is F'd up when the Falcons lose


It's like this with my football teams, maybe b/c there are so few games. When the Falcons lose I don't watch any of the highlight/recap shows really. I just wait for the point in the week when they are looking ahead to the upcoming matchup.

Conversely, when we win I watch NFL Network highlights, ESPN highlights, Football night in America highlights, etc. :lol:

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US National Men's Soccer Team: 10 (I follow the Falcons much more closely but would prefer a World Cup victory over a Super Bowl) THIS RANKING ONLY APPLIES DURING WORLD CUP, OTHERWISE, IT'S AROUND A 5.

Falcons: 9.9 (Season Tix with my brothers and father)

Braves: 7 (Would be higher if games were more significant)

(Used to be) Thrashers: 7 (Favorite Sport to play, but don't love to watch the games as much)

Hawks: 5 (Playoffs only)

Manchester United: 5 (My soccer team from overseas. Plus I like how they spend all of Glazer's money :D )

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Falcons are a 10...moved up from a 7 when we got new ownership

Braves 4...lost interest when Ted wasnt the owner and making the deals

Hawks 8...even despite bad ownership/management I love those guys

Miami Hurricanes Football 7.....was born down that way and mom grew up in Coral Gables but my interest in college football in general is really low now.

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Falcons always has been and always will be a 10.

Braves 5, winning a WS after the strike seemed so anti-climatic. My patience for baseball in general has died. I do go see them play when they play the Nats. Might be going tonight.

UGA 7, would be a 9 if they had a real coach.

Hawks 3, I hate basketball, but will always pull for the Hawks.

Macon Whoopee, 8 (RIP)

Loved going and seeing them back in the day.

Atlanta Flames, 7 (RIP)

Thought the name and unis were so cool when I was little.

Atlanta Thrashers, 5 (RIP)Went to a bunch of games their inaugural year. Interest waned as they never could seem to get it together.

I need to find a new hockey team. Not sure I can pull for the Caps. I might be moving to Denver in a couple years, maybe I'll get into the Avalanche.

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