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Formers Falcons QB Joey Harrington in serious condition

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Joey a good dude.. Was a great college QB that never really did too good in the NFL.. Was 25-3 as the starter at Oregon ... opened a homeless clinic in Portland with his wife.. Has given most his money away to charity.. Got hit by an SUV riding his bike yesterday.. Pretty bad.. Punctured lung, Broken ribs, collarbone etc, etc..

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I always thought he did a pretty decent job for us in 2007 . . . under horrid circumstances, obviously. I actually started to despise Petrino in the game at the Dome against the Bucs. SOMEHOW, the Falcons were still alive for a playoff spot even at 3-6. As I recall, a victory would have put them within a game of first place . . .

Regardless, it was a game that MIGHT have mattered, and Harrington had lead the Falcons to two consecutive wins with Byron L injured. But Byron got the start, played like doggy doo in the first half, and the falcons were down 14-0 at the end of the half. Third quarter, STILL no Harrington . . . Lefkowitz continues to poop the bed but stays in. FINALLY, with the game completely over, but still lots of time left, Petino sends Harrington in and has him throw on EVERY DOWN . . . and of course, take a beating.

If you are going to make the guy take a beating, give him a chance when the game is still winnable. If you aren't going to give him a chance, leave the guy who created the problem to stay in there to take the beating. Or . . . let Harrington keep his health by NOT throwing on every down.

I left the Dome when Lefkowitz started the 2nd half and cursed Petrino the rest of the game as I listed to how things developed.

Yes, I'm still bitter. Not that I have any great allegiance to Harrington. He seems like a class act but not a great QB. It just seemed like a lousy way to treat another human being.

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