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Falcons QB Matt Ryan is One of the Brightest Young Stars the NFL Has to Offer

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I just found this article and had not seen it before. If someone has already posted please disregard. I really liked what was said by this guy during his observations:

Falcons QB Matt Ryan is One of the Brightest Young Stars the NFL Has to Offer


By Daniel Wolf

Senior Writer

Back in 2008, the Atlanta Falcons were in trouble after losing both quarterbacks Michael Vick and Matt Schaub. They owned the No. 3 overall pick in the first round and grabbed former Boston College quarterback Matt Ryan as their hopeful savior and new leader.

Luckily for the Falcons, this panned out perfectly—so far.

After three full seasons as their starting quarterback, and a 33–13 record, Ryan is one of the most promising new faces in the NFL today.

It is rare to have a young quarterback step into a large role straight out of college as the new face of a franchise, and succeed as Ryan has done.

To add to that success, Ryan's leadership has been on display during the lockout, as he has been a part of several offseason, player practices.

In the end of May, Ryan was seen at CES by National Football Authority's Courtney Sweet. This was after the Oakland Raiders left the practice field, led by Richard Seymour.

"As the [Raiders] players left the field the Atlanta Falcons, who also use Buford's field, arrived," wrote Sweet. "Matt Ryan and Julio Jones greeted Raider players. With all this NFL star power on the field you would think we were at the Pro Bowl!"

Ryan instructs Jones at a recent

Falcons camp. (AP Photo)

Most recently, Ryan was the first to arrive at Camp Exile.

"When Ryan got there Wednesday, he found Buford and Flowery Branch high school linemen on the field, roughing up each other beneath a pitiless sun," wrote Steve Hummer of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

It is a strange time for the NFL and its players with the lockout still in place, to the point where NFL stars are mingling and working out with high schoolers on practice fields.

Once other players arrived to Camp Exile, the passes were thrown often.

"...The Falcons’ prize first-round draft choice Julio Jones soared for a one-handed, off-balance catch in the end zone that would have made all the highlight shows," as reported by Hummer. "For his trouble, as he picked himself off the turf, he got a reminder from Ryan to take it easy."

Newly drafted wide receiver Julio Jones is obviously excited to begin working with his new teammates and show them he was worth the hefty trade price the team paid the Cleveland Browns to attain; but Ryan was there to lead by example and issue advice to the youngster.

Not only is he leading by example, but Ryan is also coaching on the field in the absence of the Falcons' coaching staff.

“With no coaches here, he is our coach on the field. Getting out here early, getting the offense clicking, getting things organized—that’s huge right now,” said safety William Moore.

With star quarterbacks like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady not getting any younger, the NFL will need the next wave of quarterbacks to become the faces of the league.

Ryan is well on his way to super-stardom, both in Atlanta and in the league too.

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great read.

i noticed on NFLN commercials, they Say Brady is back, Vick is back, manning is back, football is back.

no mention of Ryan or any of the young qbs like Godgers or Rivers and i find it odd that Vick is mentioned ahead of Manning.

Vick's star power is simply amazing.

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